About me

I’m a technology enthusiast, hobby photographer, music lover, biologist turned web developer, turned IT Manager. I live and work in Regensburg with my lovely wife and kids and no pets.

Career & Technology

I started my career in IT while still at university taking courses in biology. My first project was that of a HTML monkey working on the first version of the Benetton website when HTTML <table> was a hot and complex topic, backgrounds were grey and links blue underlined, everbody in the field got excited by Netscapes plans to introduce <frame> and you were able to start the Mozilla browser from a 3.5" floppy.

After graduating I joined a then 4 person strong new media agency in London called the OTHER media. I laid the groundworks of my IT expertise there moving from static sites to dynamic ones created with Microsofts Active Server Pages technology, learned SQL, began to explore Linux and got excited about everything webby.

Over the years I switched from ASP to Java, from MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL and from content management to e-commerce. I picked up the Spring framework at an early version 1, created a couple of projects using it, fell in and out of love with object relational mappers to then join the company I still work for as the dude who knows all about web, browser and javascript stuff.

After some time fighting internet explorer bugs I got into building integrations into Business Process Management software in javascript and then moved on to a more managerial role writing fewer and fewer lines of code.

The past couple of years I spent absorbing all the things that the industries' move away from on-prem to cloud and containers brings with it and helping our dev teams to make that transition.

Tech used for this site

This site is build with Hugo and hosted using Amazons AWS Amplify service. Gatsby would have been a more obvious choice considering my love for javascript but I thought giving some other tech a try would be more exciting.


Any opinions expressed on this site are my personal ones and are in no way coordinated with my employer.